Christina Katerina & The Box 
by Patricia Lee Gauch & Doris Burn (ill.) 1971
Christina Katerina & The Box is such a unique and amazing book!  It illustrates the importance of imagination and creativity in children. Christina Katerina takes a cardboard box and exhausts its entertainment capacity using household supplies and  her imagination.

Societal Impact & Significance: I do not have to go on very long about how life for children has changed since this book was published in 1971.  We all know modern technology has confined children indoors and in front of machines.  Today's children have less resistance to pathogens based solely on their lack of contact with dirt.  Looking back on books like this, hopefully we can make it our mission to encourage outdoor play and less machine-based indoor play in our children.

The book itself is the first book of a 5 book series, it is out-of-print and it is in excellent condition.  The only drawback would be that I found a Weekly Reader Book Club Edition.

Slightly Off-Topic Buying Tip: Book Club Editions What to do - you are faced with a Weekly Reader or other Book Club Edition of a certain title that intrigues you.  Some elitists will say not to pick it up, to reject it altogether.  I say no.  Being an elitists in my own right (for example, I am a snobby knitwear designer and refuse to use acrylic yarns), I understand this sentiment.  But I do not believe you should reject an amazing and inspiring book just because it is was produced for a book club - you may never find it again.

Back to Christina Katerina; although this particular copy is a Weekly Reader, the fact that it is out-of-print and in excellent condition almost cancels out this fault.  Here is a complete list of the Christina Katerina series:

  • Christina Katerina & The Box
  • Christina Katerina & The First Annual Grand Ballet
  • Christina Katerina and the Time She Quit the Family
  • Christina Katerina and the Great Bear Train
  • Christina Katerina and Fats and the Neighborhood War
My copy of Christina Katerina and the Box was purchased in my Etsy store by a very deserving and appreciative customer recently.  She sent me some photos of the book's new home:

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