Roly-Poly Bear by Dolly Rudeman
Sometimes in my book research I will find information on some really interesting people.  As I was researching this book, Roly-Poly Bear, published by Mulder & Zoon Amsterdam, I discovered Dolly Rudeman.  In my copy of this book, the author is stated as "D. Rudeman" and there is no stated publication year.  There is only currently one other copy like mine on the internet, an early copy (the others have ISBN's, are stated from the 1980s, have glossy covers and have the phrase "Woodland Tales" written on the bottom front cover.)  I am finding it very difficult to get a list of all of her children's book with the original publication years for each - but I will continue my research. <<As always, the titles of the books in my blog are direct links to their listings on my Etsy site.>>

Dolly Rudeman, an amazing fine artist, began her career designing film and other arts posters in the 1920s and 1930s in Holland and France.  She moved to Amsterdam in the 1940s and continued making art and writing children's books.  There is a great book about her poster work by Paul Bastien Annick entitled Pioneer of the Dutch Film Poster Dolly Rudeman 1902-1980. I have always loved Tamara de Lempicka and the 1920s/30s dramatic portrait.  Dolly Rudeman is my new favorite!

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