Helen & Alf Evers Books

Helen & Alf Evers wrote and illustrated many children's books while they were married during the 1930s and 1940s.  These sweet books are some of my favorites; I have a personal collection of the original hard cover books and wish to own them all - the problem is, I cannot find a complete listing of all of the books they wrote and illustrated together anywhere on the internet or in any of my guide books.  So this blog entry is now dedicated to listing the complete children's works of this duo. This is an alphabetical, working list, and as I find more titles I will add them (I am also including the original publication years as well) - helping others as well as myself complete their collection!

A Little Lamb (1935)
All About Copy-Kitten (1940)
Benny and His Birds (1941)
Chatterduck (1943)
Cheeky Chipmunk (1945)
Copy-Kitten (1937)
Crybaby Calf (1941)
Frankie (1939)
Fuss Bunny (1944)
The Happy Hen (1933)
The House the Pecks Built (1940)
Little Goosie-Gosling
The Merry Mouse (1936)
Monkeyface (1946)
Moonymouse (1948)
More About Copy-Kitten (1945)
Mr. Scrunch (1939)
Playboy Penguin (1943)
Plump Pig (1938)
Pokey Bear (1942)
Sloppy Joe (1947)
So Long
The Story Book House (1936)
This Little Pig (1932)


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